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Construction projects are very effective and costly affairs with each project having its own challenges and strengths necessitating accurate and perfect planning from the very early stages to ensure that optimum cost and timescale.

Pre-Design services provided shall consist of the following:

  • Engineering Consultation

  • Master Plan

  • Conceptual Design

  • Project Cost Estimate

  • Value Engineering

  • Scheduling and Planning

  • Regulatory Compliances

Pre-Construction activities involve a complete analysis of the project for successful completion of the project. We have a team consisting of designers, planners, estimators and project managers to work together, discuss and plan all issues before the start of detailed engineering work.

The amount of money and time spent on the pre-design architectural services by the client will ultimately transform into big savings realized during construction. We provide as a part of the Pre-Design Services as follows:

  • Soil test and Geo-technical reports,

  • Site and climate analysis

  • Feasibility studies

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